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The Mining division is comprised of two separate businesses – BME and Protea Mining Chemicals – both of which provide products and services that add value to customers in the mining industry.

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Mining RSA: This division comprises the BME business in South Africa. The business focuses on blasting agents – bulk emulsion and blended bulk explosives – complemented by the AXXIS™ electronic detonator system and modern software crucial to cost-efficient and safe rock breaking. BME leverages its blasting products, equipment, accessories, services and solutions to add value to customers’ blasting operations. This segment also provides raw material and other supplies to Mining International.

Mining International: This division relates to the BME businesses outside of South Africa and also includes the PMC business. The territories included here are countries in the SADC, West Africa, Australia, Indonesia, USA and Canada (by way of a joint venture) and the division supplies similar products and services to Mining RSA.


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Protea Mining Chemicals provides a suite of value-added services to complement a wide range of chemicals and reagents supplied for use by processing plants on mines in South Africa and Africa. This includes Protea Process®, a comprehensive service that covers the design of equipment, logistics, safety and chemicals handling, on-site management and make up of chemicals and reagents.


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