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The Mining division is comprised of two separate businesses – BME and Protea Mining Chemicals – both of which provide products and services that add value to customers in the mining industry. Mining is a key sector for the Group and the division provides products and services required in the mining process, from breaking ground to the recovery of minerals in processing plants.

BME is a leading manufacturer and supplier of explosives, related accessories and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries in South Africa, Africa (Southern and West), Australia and to a limited extent, South America. With an everexpanding global footprint, BME continues to work towards expanding its business internationally.

BME’s main focus is on products consisting of bulk emulsion and blended bulk explosives.

BME produces and sells electronic delay detonators and shocktube initiating systems and bulk emulsion and blended bulk explosives for opencast mining, has its own range of boosters, and manufactures and sells packaged explosives for underground mining and specialised surface blasting operations.

Our blasting techniques also improve pit-wall stability, resulting in better safety and reduced mining of waste rock. This also helps to reduce vibrations allowing blasting near structures such as buildings and roads.

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