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Stakeholder engagement

Omnia’s business model relies on effective engagement with our suppliers and customers as we seek to tailor our products and services to their specific and changing needs. In essence, continual two-way communication with our stakeholders at all points of engagement keeps our business model on track.

None of this can work successfully if Omnia’s workforce is not up to the task. Intellectual property, expertise and experience are spread across all levels and Omnia deploys a rigorous skills development and remuneration programme to build and retain capacity. A fundamental aspect of our relationship with employees is their feedback, which strongly influences strategy and product development.

Beyond the realm of our suppliers, customers and employees, the Group operates within a broad context of macro-economic realities and social, regulatory, community and environmental influences. All of these affect our commercial activities and the long-term sustainability of our business model.

We pursue dialogue with our broader stakeholder group based on constructive engagement and the development of a mutual understanding of objectives, while taking into account statutory, regulatory and other directives guiding the dissemination of information by companies and their directors. The Group ensures that information is distributed via a broad range of communication channels and takes care that critical information reaches all stakeholders timeously.

The Board accepts its duty to present a balanced and understandable assessment of the Group’s position in reporting to stakeholders and takes reasonable steps to ensure this. Greater demand for transparency and accountability regarding non-financial matters is always taken into account. All stakeholders with a legitimate interest in the Group’s affairs can obtain full, fair and frank accounts of our performance.

For more information go to our latest Annual Report (PDF - 48KB).