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Corporate governance

The board recognises that good corporate governance is essential to protect the interests of all stakeholders, and the sustainability of the business. Business is conducted in accordance with the principles of openness, integrity and accountability, as advocated by the King Code of Governance. The board is committed to applying and enforcing appropriate corporate governance principles, policies and practices within each of the Group’s operations. Ultimately, the board is the focal point of the Group’s corporate governance system, and is accountable and responsible for ensuring compliance with the King Code of Governance, specifically King III for this year.

The board regularly reviews the Group’s organisational structures and corporate governance procedures, and implements measures to ensure continued compliance with good corporate governance practices. Through this process, all stakeholders are assured that the Group is being managed prudently to determine risk parameters and in compliance with generally accepted corporate practices.

Overall governance structure

Governance structure

For more information about Omnia and corporate governance, go to our full corporate governance report (PDF - 223KB).