BME mining at Dryden [photo] 


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Within the Mining division there are two separate businesses, BME and Protea Mining Chemicals, which provide product and services to the mining industry. Mining is a key sector for the Omnia Group and these businesses cover the needs that stretch from breaking ground to recovering the final product in mining processes.

BME operates throughout Africa with a strong presence in southern and West Africa.

BME is:

  • a market leader in bulk emulsion and blended bulk explosives formulations for the opencast mining industry
  • produces electronic delay detonators and shock tube initiating systems
  • own boosters range
  • manufactures packaged explosives for underground mining and specialised surface blasting operations
  • newly-designed emulsion explosives products and unique light-weight pumping equipment, particularly well-suited for narrow-reef underground blasting

BME's specialised services improve mine productivity, optimising blast designs for more efficient downstream operations. More precise blasting methods improve fragmentation results, reducing crushing costs and raising ore recoverability

Our blasting techniques also improve pit-wall stability, resulting in better safety and reduced mining of waste rock. This also helps to reduce vibrations allowing blasting near structures such as buildings and roads.

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