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Our strategy

We take a proactive approach to improving our products and services in the agricultural, mining and chemical markets and focus on our unique market offerings to add more value. While we have a solid presence in Africa, we continue to look for opportunities to diversify geographically as well as aquisitions to build on the strengths of each of our divisions.

The principle of Responsible Care® is one of our top priorities. Responsible Care® is the chemical industry's unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental performance, together with open and transparent communication with stakeholders. The initiative embraces the development and application of sustainable chemistry, helping our industry contribute to sustainable development while allowing us to meet the world's growing need for essential chemicals and the products those chemicals make possible.

Our objectives

Our Group operates across defined economic sectors, each with its own distinctive characteristics, and within each sector we reinforce our competitive positioning by:

  • Providing specialised solutions to the agricultural, mining and chemical markets
  • Focusing on unique market offerings that create value and, in so doing, earn a premium
  • Diversifying geographically beyond South Africa, primarily focused on Africa with a growing presence in other international countries.
  • Identifying and implementing focused acquisitions to build on the strengths of each division
  • Improving on cost competitiveness across all divisions, particularly in the Chemicals division
  • Continuously improving on health, safety and environmental practices by following the guiding principles of Responsible Care®
  • Building a culturally diverse business that respects and promotes the rights of its people
  • Building a learning organisation.

We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure our progress in implementing our strategy and in monitoring business performance against our annual operating plan. These KPIs encompass both financial and non-financial indicators as well as quantitative and qualitative factors. For more information go to our latest Annual Report.