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About Omnia

Omnia Holdings Limited is a diversified chemicals group with specialised services and solutions for the agriculture, mining and chemicals industries. Using technical innovation combined with intellectual capital, Omnia adds value for customers at every stage of the supply and service chain. As a group, Omnia creates customer wealth by leveraging knowledge.

Omnia differentiates itself from other commodity chemicals suppliers by applying the Group’s intellectual capital and technologies at all key points along its supply and service chains. This enables Omnia to create value throughout, by tailoring products and services to the specific and changing needs of its customers. The sustainability of the business model is strengthened by targeted backward integration through the installation of technologically advanced plants that manufacture core materials such as nitric acid and explosive emulsions. In addition to securing supply, this enables Omnia to improve operational efficiencies throughout the product development and production cycle.

Since 1953, Omnia has had its roots in the fertilizer and agriculture industry and has built up an in-depth understanding, not only of its core markets in South Africa, but also in mining, manufucturing and agriculture in Africa. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa and with operations in 18 countries in Africa, including South Africa, and six countries outside of Africa, Omnia has more than six decades’ experience in the business. Additionally, Omnia continues to grow its global footprint, with business units in Australasia, Brazil, and regions such as Europe, South America and South East Asia.

Omnia provides customised, knowledge-based solutions through its Agriculture, Mining and Chemicals divisions. These divisions include Omnia Fertilizer, Omnia Specialities, Bulk Mining Explosives (BME), Protea Mining Chemicals and Protea Chemicals, all niche businesses that operate with a common objective: to enhance customers’ businesses through research, development and knowledge sharing, that will enable them to increase profit margins.

The business model has been tried and tested over many years, and continues to be fine-tuned as Omnia’s markets and customers evolve. Omnia sustains and grows the business by continuously enhancing the value it offers to local and international customers through product innovation, growing Omnia’s intellectual capital and working to further raise already exceptional service levels. A continuous feedback loop with customers at all points of engagement keeps the Omnia business model on track.