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Business model

Our value proposition

Omnia Holdings Limited is a diversified Group with specialised services and solutions for the agricultural, mining and chemicals industries. As a Group, Omnia creates customer wealth by leveraging knowledge.

The Group differentiates itself from other commodity chemical providers by adding value at every stage of the supply and service chain through technological innovation and by deploying our intellectual capital. The sustainability of the business model is strengthened based on targeted backwards integration through the installation of technologically advanced plants to manufacture core materials such as nitric acid and explosive emulsions. in addition to securing sources of supply, this enables us to improve operational efficiencies throughout the product development and production cycle.

The Group's proven business model makes it a market leader in chemical services. Omnia continues to grow and prosper, offering extraordinary value to its customers by tailoring its solution to their business needs through product and service innovation, with the expert application thereof.

Omnia business model [illustration]

A business model for long-term sustainability

Omnia has a balanced presence in sectors that are essential to the sustainable use of the world's finite resources, and will play a key role in sustaining Africa's future development. We will continue to develop and leverage our intellectual property to add focused value to the agriculture, mining and chemicals markets in Africa and abroad.